Providing the ENERGY you need, for your life and your business. Providing the ENERGY you need, for your life and your business.

About DDI Energy Brokers

From the Founder, William “Bud” Davis:

 DDI stands for Davis and Davis International; started when Bud was still a recruiter and his youngest son, Christian and he wanted to be partners in business.

 They went back and forth about the name and over a deck of cards and a friendly game of Texas Hold-em (Christian was almost a pro).  He bet his name on the door... he won.                                 Christian died in a traffic accident in March of 2011 and Bud decided to keep the name active as a memorial to him.                                                                                                                                  DDI will always be an organization that believes in the products and services it offers and provides opportunities for people to “join in” and take ownership in similar programs. He believed in helping people and that has not changed with his passing.

Did You Know?

DDI has saved local businesses in Jacksonville, Florida 10-22% in natural gas costs in the last two months alone? 

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DDI also has opportunities for driven individuals that want to take advantage of a life changing opportunity by saving people money in the deregulation industry. Could you use an extra $1000 a month? $2000?

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What's New?


Vermont is the next state looking at deregulating energy. DDI is not restricted to the great state of Florida. We are licensed to operate in all 50 states (where deregulation applies). This means we offer opportunities for companies to receive significant reductions in energy costs as well as offer life-changing opportunity for individuals with an entreprenurial spirit and a desire to LIVE the AMERICAN DREAM, no matter where you are.

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